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Article Groups

‘Little bit of everything but pay by weight’ if you’re trying to add this concept, this plugin is for you. Let diners pile their platter with favorite items and still pay for the weight. This plugin helps setup participating articles, pricing, quantities, measures & consumption rules.

What are article groups?
An article group is a package containing few individual articles in it.  And, you sell the article group, not the individual articles. From our introductory example, A Kilo of Sweetness is an article group (package). Individual articles, Gummy Bears, Gourmet Lollipops, and Candy Canes are making up the article group.
Creating an article group is simple:

  • Create the group
  • Link the existing articles to it
Creating Articles is out of the scope of this section. The topic has been explained in detail under E-Commerce plugin documentation.
Our sample A Kilo of Sweetness article group has a limit of a kilo. So our buyers can choose any amounts of Gummy Bears, Lollipops, and Candy Canes but on the condition that the collective quantity of these three items can't exceed 1 kilo. So a good buyer might resort to, Gummy Bears (400 grams), Gourmet Lollipops (100 grams), and Candy Canes (500 grams). 

Creating Article Groups 

1. Admin > Article Groups > Article Groups. Click on the '+ New Article Group' button. 
image.png 487.35 KB
2. Provide a name for your new article group. Click on the  '+ New' button to link an article to this group. 
If an article has already been linked to a group previously, you can reuse that link on this group as well by clicking on the 'Choose existing' button.
image.png 489.9 KB
3. New Article Link screen opens up. Click to choose an article. 
image.png 543.47 KB
Other possible configurations on this screen:

  • Value:  If you want to set a limitation on how many articles of these a user can add to their cart. For example,  when a user orders A Kilo of Sweetness if you wouldn't want them to add more than  two Gummy Bears, you set this value to 2
  • Price: Articles have prices when you create them. This option allows you to override that price
4. Click on the 'Create' to complete linking the article to the article group.
Repeat this step for every article you link to the group.
5. You're back in the New Article Group creation screen. Check below for other possible configurations.
image.png 519.45 KB
  • Enable values: Enable value and select the weight's unit type
  • Dynamic value text: These are hints to inform users on the remaining quota  they can still go to meet the package weight. A Kilo of Sweetness is set to a kilogram. Copy what's in the sample, and paste it into  the text field below it, and format it the way you want
  • Minimum value:  Set the min value for your group. If you set it to 1, the minimum qty of 1 must be selected in the package. Leave it empty for any quantity
  • Maximum value: Set max value.  Maximum a user can select for the package. Leave empty for any quantity 
6. Create.