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Make a user-friendly catalog out of your app by listing related items into categories. Then you can also add sub-categories inside a category. And, you can add sub-categories inside a sub-category too. Go on endlessly till satisfied.

Creating a Category - Admin

1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app. 
2. In the app customization, expand the group. 'Category/Subpage' under Content. Click on the 'Category.'
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3. Set up your category. 
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  • Name: Write a descriptive name for the category, and it is mandatory
  • Description: Short description about the category
  • Picture Dimension: This setting is mainly aimed at showing images on different devices. If you select the 'Device optimized' option, it makes sure to pick the center area of the image and works its way diagonally until the device display size. If you select the 'Square' option, it simply minimizes the entire image to support the device display size.
  • Picture: Select a picture that will show up on the mobile app for this category 
Using the Gallery tab, a user can insert an image from the computer, use an image already saved in the gallery or pick a free image from the Unsplash site. 
4. Click on the 'Create' button to complete creating the category. 
5. 'Put online' to publish your new article so that it will appear on your users' devices. The button's caption changes from 'Put online' to 'Published'  once the changes have been applied successfully.
Additional tasks:
You can do more with categories and have more control over your product listing and organizing. Click on the 'More Options' button when creating or editing a category to check other tabs:
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Category Links tab:
It might be an option that needs little explanation. When you enable this option, it shows you all other categories available, and you can click on any one of them to link. Once the link has been established, whenever a user clicks on the original category, the user ends up landing on the linked category. Probably, it is a good options to temporarily redirect a user to a different location or a promotional page.
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Other optional tab:  
  • Gallery: To pick an image for the category
  • Settings: Settings to enable category visible only to registered users
  • Workstation: Workstations are inherited from the app content settings (offer settings). However, you can override with a different workstation at this category so that this category and everything under this category will have the newly assigned workstation
Depending on the plugins you have subscribed to, you might see more tabs associated with the features of those plugins.