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Make a user-friendly catalog out of your app by listing related items into categories. Then you can also add sub-categories inside a category. And, you can add sub-categories inside a sub-category too. Go on endlessly till satisfied.

Linking Categories

Using this option, you can link Category A to Category B. In your operation, it might sometimes need to temporarily or permanently redirect users from one category to another, say, for instance, to land the users on Category B until you complete populating the content on Category A. Or, it can also help you to send the users to promotional items on Category B.
1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app. 
image.png 236.92 KB
2. When in the content editor, click on the category to get the context menu. Then select the 'Edit' option on the content menu. 
image.png 682.94 KB
3. In the category edit screen, go to the 'More Options.'
image.png 683.65 KB
4. Move on to the 'Link' tab. Then enable, 'Link to other category' to get the list of other available categories to link.
image.png 103.58 KB
5. Click on the target category that you want to link to.
6. Save the changes. From now on, when your users click on your category (Category A), they will end up on target category (Category B).