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Cookie Policy Generator

Cookie Policy get created playfully with this plugin. Just edit your company name and off you go.

Generate Your Policy 

 1. Admin > Settings >  Cookie Policy. The predefined policy template screen comes up. 
 The option available to you under Admin > Settings may vary depending on plugins used in your app. 
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2. On your left, there is a list of subsections; you can tick/untick as per your company policy to include them in your cookie policy statement. 
3. On your right is the text relevant to each subsection; you can click inside the text content to change. Remember to change those highlighted in yellow as they're your company/business specific. 
4. When you have completed your changes, click on the 'Save' button on top, and confirm saving. 
5. Move on to the 'Language' option. All languages that have been enabled on your app display. Select a different language and edit the content on that as well and save it. 
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6. When editing for other languages is also complete, click on the 'Link' option to get a link to the policy URL, which you can use anywhere. 
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Note: 'Settings Cookie Policy' helps you set up Cookie popup settings on your app and web app.