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CRM - Tags Extension

Use Tags to see your huge customer database through a smaller lens. It assists in important insights, business strategies, and personalizing your services. Tag your users and use these tags to send push-notifications, create vouchers and many more.

Defining New Tags

1. Admin > My Customers >Tags. 
2. Click  on the '+ New Tag' to create the tag.
3. Name your tag and move on to the 'icon' tab to choose an icon.
 4. Create it.

Add a Tag to a Customer Profile

1. Admin > My Customers > [Registered Users or Guests]. The list of all customers displays; select the 'Profile' button next to the customer where you want to add the tag. 
2. Click on the 'Tags.' The list displays all existing tags on the customer profile, that you can delete using the respective 'Delete' button. To add a new tag to the profile, click on the '+ Add Tag' button.
3. List displays all your defined tags. Search/choose and add. After adding your tags, click on the 'Cancel' to get back.
As you add a tag, it is removed from the above list, so you don't see what has been added already.