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Custom Form Rule

Use this plugin to turn your own form into selling and authentication rules.


1. Admin > Settings > Custom Form Rule.  
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2. The green 'Add' button adds a form.  Give a name for the form, that ordering users see on their devices.
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3. The 'Add field' button adds a field.
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Set up the field to collect user data: 
  • Type: Select the appropriate field type, such as Text, Number, etc.
  • Label: Caption
  • Placeholder: Placeholder text
  • Description: Brief description
  • Required: Set if it's a mandatory entry
Available field types: 
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4. Add more fields by clicking on the 'Add field' button as you need, and configure as explained.
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5. Save (the rule is now ready to be inserted on the content).

Rule on Devices 

Custom form rule, Before Order that was created earlier, is prompted for user input while ordering. 
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