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Integrate Datatrans Payment Gateway with your app and allow seamless payments!

Datatrans Live 

1. Admin > Settings > Datatrans. Under 'General' tab, enter your Server-to-Server Username and Server-to-Server password. 
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Tips on Datatrans:
1. Login into your Datatrans Portal using live or sandbox link.
2. Click on 'UPP Administration Tab.'
3. Click on 'Security' sub tab.
4. Check under 'Server-to-Service services security' section.

Disclaimer: Above steps may be changed by the external resource without prior notice. 
 2. Save changes, you have integrated with Datatrans. 

Sandbox Mode

1. Admin > Settings > Datatrans. Select the 'Sandbox mode' tab, and enable the 'Sandbox mode.'
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2. Enter Sandbox Server-to-Server username and Sandbox Server-to-Server password.
3. Save changes.
 This is an optional setup for testing your Datatrans integration.