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Document Uploader & Embedder

Upload PDFs and share them with your app users. Allow your app users to download and use them offline. Ideal for brochures, menu cards, system descriptions, or think about anything.

Before You Start: Add Multiple languages 

When you have the Multilingual App plugin subscribed, you can add multiple languages to your app. Here is a brief look at it. For more information on this plugin, search Zappter Marketplace for Multilingual App.
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Adding Document Uploader & Embedder

1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app.
2. In the plugins panel, select Content > Media > Document.
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3. In the following screen, in the General tab, provide the name and a description (optional) of your document.
image.png 483.53 KB
4. Move to the Documents tab. Click on 'My Documents,' it opens up a new window where you can upload documents for base language, English in this case and for other languages in your app.
image.png 505.97 KB
  •  Click on the 'Upload' to bring up the document upload and settings screen. Note that you're uploading a document for English, which is your base language in this step.
image.png 489.05 KB
  • Move on to the 'Preview picture' tab to upload a thumbnail picture for your document.
  • Move on to the 'Other languages' tab to upload relevant documents for each of the additional languages available in your app. Upload the doc for each of the relevant language listed.
You may also skip uploading a doc for a language due to reasons that you may not have the doc in that language or not relevant to send in that language. However, when you skip uploading a doc for a language, Zappter will server the users of that language in app's base language, English in this case.
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  • When done uploading documents for all other languages, click on the 'Create' button to complete with document uploading window.
5. With the above step, you're done with uploading documents for base language and additional languages supported in your app. The below screen comes up, click on the 'Choose' button to continue and you're back to the main screen where you started the document upload screen.
image.png 161.02 KB
  • You're back in the main Document Uploader plugin screen where you started.
6. Move on to the 'Settings' tab to allow downloading and document opening permissions.
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7. Create it. 

In a mobile device: 
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