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Create all your products & services with few clicks. Add the description, price, picture, and other details and boom, your customers can start placing the orders from your app. It makes it easier for them to buy and connect with your brand. Mobile apps convert 3x higher than a website. Don't miss out on the ability to maximize your revenue.

Creating an Article - Admin

1.    Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app.
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2.    Expand the group, E-Commerce under Content. Click on the 'Article.'

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3.     Set up your article.

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  • Name, title or heading: Write a descriptive name of your article, and it is mandatory
  • Brief text: Brief detail about the article
  • Price:  Set a price for the article here, and it is mandatory
  • SKU :  SKU (Stock-keeping unit) 
  • Picture: Select an image that shows up for this article by clicking on the gallery
Using the Gallery tab, a user can insert an image from the computer, use an image already saved in the gallery, or pick a free image from the Unsplash site.
4.    Click on the 'Create' button to complete creating the article.
5.    'Put online' to publish your new article so that it will appear on your users' devices. The button's caption changes from 'Put online' to 'Published' once the changes have been applied successfully. 

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Additional tasks:
You can do more with articles and have more control over your conversions and sales.  Click on the 'More options' button when creating or editing an article to check on other tabs: 
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  • Detailed text: Enter the detailed text that describes the article with much more information than you covered in the 'Brief text' under the General tab. Users can click on the icon,   and the app shows this information
  • Important note: Add an important note here to alert the users or potential buyer on any important note about the article, such as a food's ingredient detail or allergic reactions associated with this article, refund policies, work scope in service, etc.
  • Settings: Allow delivery scheduling options, quick checkout options, customer comments, show/hide article title
  • Button: Designing the icon
  • Station: Station overriding options
Depending on the plugins you have subscribed to, you might see more tabs associated with the features of those plugins.