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E-Commerce / Onlineshop

Create all your products & services with few clicks. Add the description, price, picture, and other details and boom, your customers can start placing the orders from your app. It makes it easier for them to buy and connect with your brand. Mobile apps convert 3x higher than a website. Don't miss out on the ability to maximize your revenue.

Log in to Web App

Until your app is published to an app store, you can access the app via its web app URL. 

How to Find Your Web App URL?

1. Log in to your Zappter admin. Now, click on your profile icon.

image.png 624.95 KB
2. Find your web app URL immediately below the profile image.
image.png 619.7 KB
3.    Log in to your web app using the URL.
4.    Your app opens.

Making an Order

1.    In your app, find an article that you want to buy. And, tap on the 'Add' button to put that to the cart.

image.png 362.46 KB
2.    Click on the cart to view the items in it.

image.png 363.58 KB
3.    Adjust the quantities.

image.png 130.24 KB
If you need to remove an item, bring down the quantity to zero.
4.    Tap on 'Order' to place the order.

image.png 129.2 KB
5.    Complete any rules set in the offer and proceed with payment.

image.png 147.19 KB
The order is confirmed.

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