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Ingenious QR-Codes

When you have to share a file or a document, you don't have to guess your clients' preferred languages, or let them look for translators either; the Ingenious QR Codes delivers your files and documents in their device languages.

1. Admin > Ingenious QR-Codes > Manage QR-Codes. Here, you can manage all your ingenious QR-codes.
  •  Edit: To change settings, or adding a new language, or deleting an existing
  • QR-Codes: Download your QR codes in the default size or resized
  • Link: To get a sharable link
2. Download the QR code or get the sharable link.
  • Download QR-code: Click on the 'QR-Code' button:
  • Get your sharable link: Click on the 'Link' button: