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Loyalty Points

Let your customers collect loyalty points and spend them on your items.

Setting up your loyalty point system requires defining these two defaults in the admin: 
  • Set up the UI and display captions to your users
  • Set up your users’ earning rates and buying rates
Loyalty UI & Display Captions 
Whenever your users buy your products or services, they see these user interface settings. Here is how you set them up. 
1. Admin > Settings > Loyalty Points. Starts with the ‘General’ tab already selected.
image.png 251.81 KB
  • Loyalty Title: By default or if you don’t enter anything here, your users will see ‘Loyalty Points’ in the title of the window. But you can enter anything such as ‘Online Rewards,’ etc.
  • Loyalty Points: This is the exact name for what your users earn. For instance, points, air miles, etc., the default is ‘points’
  • Loyalty Points Icon: An icon users see on the screen
2. Save the changes on the tab or move to the ‘Settings’ tab. 
Loyalty earnings and buying rates 
This is what defines how many points your users will earn when they purchase from your app, example when a user buys a product for 10$, he earns 1 point. And, it also defines how many points users need to point something, example a user needs 10 points to buy a product that costs 10$. 
1. Move on to the ‘Settings’ tab.
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  • Loyalty Points Receiving Rate: This is the earning rate. If a user spends 1$, he receives 10 points.
  • Loyalty Points Payment Rate: This is the rate at which a user settles payment through loyalty points. For example, if you set at 1, a user needs 1 point to buy a product, which costs 1$. If you set 10, a user needs 20 points to buy a product that costs 2$
2. Save the change to complete.