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This plugin integrates your app with Mailchimp so that you can manage your app user engagement with email newsletters, special offers, auto-responding, or other email marketing activities and get an engagement insight in Mailchimp.

1. Admin > My Customers > Registered Users / Guests. A list of your users comes up.
image.png 213.66 KB
2. Click on the 'Profile' button to go into the customer profile. Move on to the 'Mailchimp Subscription' tab.
image.png 117.32 KB
Here are three possibilities you can see on this screen:
  • When this customer email is not in your Mailchimp Audience list:
  • When the email is there, not subscribed: 
image.png 118.84 KB
  • When the user email is in Mailchimp and subscribed:
image.png 118.8 KB