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Landing Pages

With the landing pages plugin you can create multiple pages in your app and change the entire content just with a click. Share a landing page with a QR-Code or a unique link directly with your customers. This plugin is useful in combination with other plugins, such as Places.

Creating Landing Pages Consists of Two Tasks:

  • Create a landing page
  • Create one or more content inside the landing page 

Create a Landing Page

1.    Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit the app.
2.    Click on the '+ New' button.
3.    Select 'New Landing Page' in the list of options.
4.    In the New Landing Page setup screen, provide the following information:

  • Landing Page Name: Give your new landing page a name
  • Start Page:  Set to no
  • Origin Landing Page: Untick all

5.    Create.
6.    Click on 'Put online.' 

Create Content Inside a Landing Page

1.    Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit the app.
2.    Click to select your landing page.  Landing pages appear immediately under the '+ New' and 'Browse' buttons.
3.    Click on the '+ New' button.
4.    Select 'New Content' in the list of options.
5.    In the 'New' content setup screen, provide the information :

  • General:  Give a name and select an image
  • Info/Intro Text: Provide intro information. If you enable popup, when users open this content, a popup will show them this intro
  • Station: Select here the workstations that are linked to this content. For instance, any orders from this content will be received at this workstation
Above are the default and important tab settings. If you have subscribed to additional plugins, you will see more tabs associated with relevant plugin functionalities.
6. Create.
Click on the 'Cancel' button once to go back to the Content screen. Click on 'Put online.'