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Landing Pages

With the landing pages plugin you can create multiple pages in your app and change the entire content just with a click. Share a landing page with a QR-Code or a unique link directly with your customers. This plugin is useful in combination with other plugins, such as Places.

Creating content on the landing pages is no different from creating or editing content on other areas in the app.  Below steps are taken from the Creating Content section of the Zappter Core Functions tutorial.

Zappter Content Editor

Zappter's well-rounded app-building capabilities couldn't have been possible without an easy to use Drag-and-Drop content editor from the users perspective. It is not a regular content editor; it is the editor where you create your app's  UI for your users without doing any coding. You simply drag-and-drop your texts, images, videos, articles, reservations, and the other features subscribed. 
  • On your left, you have all the UI elements and the UI plugins
  • On the right is the view, where you simply add the elements to design your app view 
  • Expand the group, click to add the chosen element

Creating Content

1. Admin > Customize > Content.  Click to edit your app (also called Content interchangeably)  to open the content editor.
2. Content editor opens.
Existing contents appear where you can change anything or add more. Or, the blank view opens when you're going to add content for the first time.
  • Reorganize the order by dragging any element up/down
  • Add new elements to the mobile view from the plugins panel on your left by clicking on them
  • Click on any element in the mobile view to edit its settings