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Integrate with Payrexx, the world's most straightforward payment platform.

1. Login to your Payrexx account to obtain the Instance Name and the API key.

  • Instance Name: It is the first part of your Payrexx URL once you login. Example: in ',' zappter is your Instance Name
  • API Key: Navigate your Payrexx Dashboard > API Integration, then under 'Active Integration,' you find the API Key 
Instance Name:
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 API Key: 
Note: The above instructions can be changed by the external source without prior notice.
2. Back in Zappter, Admin > Settings > Payrexx. 
3. Input your Instance Name and Payrexx API Key. If your Payrexx account is under a different domain than your app, you may add that here.
4. Under the 'Payment Method' tab, enable 'Allow saving credit cards' for users to allow saving their credit cards with the user profiles for future payments, not having to re-enter. 
5. Save the change.