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Permission Groups

When you need control over your users to the detail, a role-based permission strategy is a proven solution that this plugin handles effectively. Create roles and assign a granular level of permissions to them. Then simply link the roles to users.

When designing your role-based permission approach for admin users, your permission groups are the user roles.  The approach is simple:

  • Create Permission Groups
  • Add permissions onto them
  • Link these groups to the user accounts

Creating Permission Groups

1. Admin > Team > Permission Groups.  Click on the '+ New' button and enter the group's name and choose an icon.
image.png 434.42 KB
2. Create the group.
image.png 198.24 KB

Assigning Permission to the Group

1. Admin > Teams > Permission Group  and click on the group you want to add/remove permissions. Or, if you're still in there as you created a new group, click on the group.
image.png 387.13 KB
2. Click on the 'Sidebar' button to add permissions for Sidebar options. You can scroll down within this window to view all available Sidebar option.
image.png 422.05 KB
You tick on Show only enabled permissions to view what has been granted to this group.
3. Save changes to Sidebar permissions. You will be back on the Permission Groups screen.
4. Click again on the group, and select the 'Content' this time to grant permissions on contents (the right pane on the admin screen)
image.png 387.13 KB
5. Grant permissions on content.
image.png 470.25 KB
  • You tick on the 'Show only enabled permissions' to view what has been granted to this group
  • The 'Allow all elements' button will enable all options upon your confirmation
  • The selected options turn green 
Depending on your subscription, you might not have all options that are seen in the sample here.
6. Save the changes to Content permissions. Your Permission Group is ready for assignment to the user accounts.