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Push-Notifications increase customer retention, engagement & conversions by sending real-time personalized messages at the most appropriate moments.

Allow Users to Enable Push Notification from the Slides [Splash Screen]

You can create a button on your app's intro slide for your users to simply click on it to enable receiving push notifications from your app.  You can read the Slides plugin documentation to learn how to create your slide
1. Admin > Customize > Slides. 
If you don't have a slide already existing in your app, the below screen pops up, asking you to create a new slide.
image.png 102.17 KB
2. Select your slide by clicking on it.
image.png 55.87 KB
3. Slide designer opens. Expand the 'Interactive buttons' group.
image.png 57.04 KB
4. Select the 'Enable Push' option. The button setup screen opens.
image.png 95.88 KB
  • General tab: The General tab is selected by default. You can give button a friendly caption in the 'Name, title or heading' field
  • Icon tab: Select an icon for the button here
  • Color tab: Choose your color for the button
  • Size tab: This is the size of the button on your content
5. Create to complete creating your button.
6. Put online' to publish your new changes in the content so that it will appear on your users' devices. The 'Put online' button's caption changes from 'Put online' to 'Published' once the changes have been applied successfully.
image.png 626.3 KB
Your button appears only on the mobile apps. It won't appear when you simulate content using 'Try It'