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Smart Shortcuts allows you to reuse elements everywhere. Create them once and use it anywhere with or without changes to the original specs.

In order to illustrate, this setup is made:
View 1 & View 2 
  • Offers, O1V1 & O2V1 in View 1
  • Offers, O1V2 in View 2 
Since there is only one Offer in View 2, it is not shown.

Creating Shortcuts

1. Go to Admin > Customize > Content. Edit View 2, which is now empty, so you're going to make Shortcuts of elements from View 1 where there are contents. 
2. In the plugins panel, expand Others > Shortcut.  In the following screen, select your View, from where you want to pull an item or create a shortcut of it.
  • Click App Views
  • Select the View (View 1 in this case since you need to copy an item from there)
  • Since there are two Offers, the plugin asks to select the Offer
3. Offer displays with its contents. Click on any item that you want to create a shortcut on the empty Offer. You can click on more than one item.
4. Once you have clicked on all the items that you want to create shortcuts, Finish.
  • Here are the elements with shortcuts created on the empty Offer from the View 1

Editing Shortcuts

1. Click on the rounded pick button of the item. The below screen comes up.
2. Click on the Open shortcut button to change the just created.
  • Displays this screen
  • Click on 'Click here' when it says the 'Value inherited from parent' message to overwrite it
The red little bulleye button works as undo.
3. Save. 
  • Changes reflect in the shortcut while the original remains intact:
  • The original:
Note: Use the Open original button to modify the original element. Changes to the original element once the shortcut has been created, will not affect the element created using Shortcut.