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Splash Screens / Slides

Say "Hello" to your app users! Use Intro Slides to guide your app users through your app with beautiful intros. A must have for all apps!

1. Admin > Customize > Slides. In the below screen, select the View where you want to add the Slide, and click on the 'New' button. 
image.png 201.22 KB
2. Below prompt comes up.
image.png 366.52 KB
3. Click on the 'Create new' button.
  • The General tab: Give it a name, select an image
image.png 661.23 KB
  • The Colors tab: Set a background color 
image.png 432.39 KB
  • The Button tab: Give a text for button caption, and set its colors. (User has to press this button to move forward) 
image.png 396.9 KB
4. Create it. 

Duplicating Slides

1. At the below prompt when adding, select the 'Select from existing' button. 
image.png 521.25 KB
2. The plugin displays all available Slides. Tick one or more that you want to duplicate, and click on the 'Copy' button.
image.png 478.5 KB

Setting Slide Behavior

1. Admin > Customize > Slides. In the View where you have the Slides, click on the 'Settings.'
image.png 365.44 KB
2. Tick on your preferred behavior and save.
image.png 524.61 KB

Customizing Slides

1. Admin > Customize > Slides. Click on the Slide that you want to customize.
image.png 364.8 KB
2. The Zappter content editor opens up, where you can customize the slide using text and media plugins.
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