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Use this plugin to add, structure, and manage your surcharge and prices. Useful for shipping prices, service charges or similar.

1. Admin > Settings > Surcharges. The 'General' tab opens. Set a fixed amount to charge.
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  • Surcharge: Enter an amount (currency), that is your fixed surcharge
  • Title: The transaction description that appears on the customer billing
2. In the 'Rules' tab,  define a basket value, and set the surcharge amount for the basket value.
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  • Basket Value: This is the total order value to meet this rule
  • Surcharge Value: This is the surcharge to be charged when an order meets what is set in the 'Basket Value'
Use the '+ New' button to add more rules for different order value and their price.
3. In the 'Settings' tab, enable or disable surcharges in your app.