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Value added taxes

Manage taxes. Add tax to Articles, or to containers, such as Categories or Offers that hold selling items. Taxes can be customized to suite your regulations.

1. Admin > Value added taxes > Value added taxes. Click on the '+ New Value Added Tax (VAT).' In the 'General' tab, provide the information about the tax you define levied percentage.
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2. Move on to the 'Advanced' tab and provide a grouping code, which groups all similar taxes and show a single like instead of a line for each tax.  Then enable/disable the 'Selectable' switch that gives the option for users to choose this tax or a different one.
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Enabling 'Selectable' makes the tax visible and selectable by the user and disabling it hides the tax and charges directly during the order.
For instance, among the Eat-in, Take-out, and Sales taxes, you would make the Eat-in and Take-out taxes as 'Selectable' as the users should choose one of these. But the Sales tax is always applicable, and users don't need to select it.
3. In the 'Icon' tab, upload an image or an icon, the tax is recognizable immediately.
4. Create.
You can utilize the plugin for other different applications like Service Charges or similar.