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VIP Payment Rule

The VIP Payment rule lets you share a code with known friends. This allows your friends to pass your app rules with the secret code.

1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit the app.
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2. Move to ‘Advanced,’ then select ‘Manage Rules,’ the first option. 
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3. Click on ‘+New Rule’ (or + Add link inside an already added Rule). 
Multiple Rules
Optional rules: When you want users to meet with any one of two or more rules, example pay through PayPal or with Cash
Combined rules: When you want users to meet with all of the selected rules to proceed. Example, pay ‘Cash’ and ‘Address’ is needed

Click on the ‘+ New Rule’ button to add as ‘optional’
Click on the ‘+ Add’ button to add as ‘combined’ (while there is already a rule)
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4. Select the 'VIP Payment Rule' on your left options list or select 'Add' and choose the 'VIP Payment Rule.' 
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You can combine VIP Rule for owners, friends with other rules for regular paying customers for example.
5. Save the rule.