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Let's get started building your app. Learn how to set up rules, configure templates, use the designer and much more.


Create your content. The important part of the content includes your products and services; they could be articles, bookings, and requests. Before you can make them buyable, you need to set 'rules' on your content.
The rules are important to the app because you tell your app what it has to do whenever a user places an order, makes a booking, or submit a request.
Current set of rules can enforce:
  • Accepting any guest users or registered users in the app
  • Payment options
  • Payment with loyalty points
  • Pre-order with email invitations
  • Proximity-based access with QR codes
  • Limit to IP address
  • Limit to ZIP codes and postal codes
  • Collect user data through forms
You can combine multiple rules in your content so the user has to fulfill all rules, for example, a user has to be in a certain ZIP code and complete the user form. You can also give alternative rules, for example, a user has to pay cash or pay with PayPal.
Setting Rules
1.    Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit the app.
2.    Advanced > Manage Rules.
Below screen comes up.
image.png 422.87 KB
Disable rule recommendation: When you assign multiple rules, the app will select the best and fastest rule that can check out the users.
3.    The user can click on any rule under 'RULES', a list of all available rules is shown to select from.
image.png 423.89 KB
4.    Select the rule from the list.
image.png 479.72 KB
For some rules based on identity such as 'Personal account' and 'Continue as guest' will bring up another screen to select the level of identity required.
5.    Choose 'Continue as guest.'
image.png 481.04 KB
For some rules like Places & Forms, you will need to select the sources that connect the rule. For example, if the rule requires users to input the form data, you need to tell the rule which input form to show.
Example: A form rule with 'Choose existing.'
image.png 479.93 KB
6.    The 'Continue as guest' rule has been selected.
image.png 459.43 KB
7.    Save, and from now on, your app allows unregistered users to continue as a guest.
Setting Up Multiple Rules
It is normal to add more than a single rule to an Offer for functionality. For example, a user who buys your products can continue as a guest user, hence we select the 'Continue as guest' rule. Then you need to tell which payment method you accept for the purchases with another rule, say Stripe for example.
1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app. Select the Advanced > Manage Rules.
image.png 523 KB
Previously added rule, 'Continue as guest' is already there. 
image.png 461.28 KB
2.   Click on the '+ Add' button and select the rule, 'Pay with card,' for example.
image.png 656.19 KB
Both rules are combined now.
image.png 479.31 KB
  • When you want to set alternative rules, you add the rule through the '+ New rule' option. For example, pay with either Stripe or 'Pay with card.' It has an OR effect
  • When you want to combine the rules where the users have to meet with multiple rule to proceed with the order, you add the rules using the '+ Add' option. For example, the 'Continue as guest' and pay through 'Stripe.' It has an AND effect
3.    Save the rule.
On the mobile devices users will see both options as below: