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Free and Premium Designs

 Sometimes you need to show how inspirational your app is, through the design. But with Zappter, you’re not stuck with a single option or a few more, but hundreds of professionally made designs to satisfy your needs. 
Go to Zappter Marketplace and explore all available beautiful free and premium designs to boost your app's user interface and enhance user experience instantly. 

Get a Design and Activate It

 1. Click on the ‘Marketplace’ on top right options. When in the Zappter marketplace, click on the 'App Designs.' 
image.png 786.81 KB
image.png 588.56 KB
Or, you can also access App Designs from the content editor; click on Design toolbar, then select ‘Explore Awesome Designs’ option.
image.png 767.73 KB
 2. Select a design by clicking on it. If it’s a free design, instantly applied and added to your personal design collection after your consent on the confirmation screens. If it’s a premium, buy it to apply and add to your collection.
image.png 588.56 KB
Proceed to get the design:
image.png 458.83 KB
image.png 396.99 KB

Managing Designs

In the content editor, you can see the active design, saved design, or the collection of your purchased designs.
image.png 768.88 KB
  • Design activated: Your currently active design
  • Saved Designs: You can customize the active design, give it a name, and save it. These designs show up here, and you can activate a saved design from here by clicking on it.
  • Purchased Designs: All designs that you obtained from the marketplace show up here. You can use this option any time to change to one of these designs by clicking on it and confirming the prompt. Your app design will be changed to the original design that you obtained from the marketplace.
Purchased designs:
image.png 739.05 KB