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Hiding a Field on Your App

There might be some rare instances where you might need to hide a field on your app. For instance, you wouldn’t want your users to see the price when they perform a restaurant table booking. In such an instance, you can easily use the designer to hide the field using few clicks.
Follow the below steps to hide the price column (for example).
1. From within the content editor, click on the ‘Design’ icon at the top.
image.png 622.77 KB
2. In the ‘Design’ screen, hover over the mouse pointer on the ‘Price container’ as in the below image.
image.png 720.7 KB
3. Click to select it. The ‘Price container’ selection changes from red to yellow now. Note: In some design templates the color change is not there. But make sure you have selected the object correctly.
image.png 720.7 KB
4. Click on the ‘Hidden’ button at the upper-right.
image.png 723.72 KB
5. Now the price is hidden including any promotional prices since you have hidden the Price Container. Click on the ‘Save’ button at the upper-left, below the Content button.
image.png 708 KB
6. Repeat the same steps to hide any other fields in the same way.