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Checking the Status of Your Subscription

You can check your subscription status anytime with this option. And from the same screen, you can learn more about a plugin, uninstall any of them, or even subscribe to a plugin that is currently available to you for trial.
1. Log in to your admin.
2. Go on to the profile menu and select the ‘My Account’ option.
image.png 322.93 KB
3. Default free plan is shown. Click on the ‘Subscription’ option.
image.png 214.06 KB
4. Below screen comes up showing all plugins you have subscribed to with the status, ‘Installed.’ And, there can be statuses such as ‘Trial’ and ‘Subscribed’ for a few premium plugins that are available to any new registrations for 14 days trial. When premium plugins are subscribed, the status changes to ‘Subscribed.’
image.png 232.25 KB
Additionally, you can also uninstall any plugins from this screen itself:
image.png 388.53 KB
And, you can subscribe to premium plugins that are currently on ‘Trial’ basis:
image.png 407.52 KB