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Checking What Features are Available to You

The Zappter plugins add features to your mobile app builder. Few premium plugins are available to any new user for 14 days trial while most of the other plugins are always free for Zappter users. 
In order to know which features are available to you, check the installed plugins. Though most of the plugins are very descriptive with their names, it is recommended to learn more about the plugins to know their full capabilities and how to set them up to get best out of them. You can visit Zappter marketplace to read the plugin guides.
1. Log in to your admin.
2. Go on to the profile menu and select the ‘My Account’ option.
image.png 322.93 KB
3. Account Plan screen opens up. 
image.png 214.06 KB
4. Click on the ‘Subscription’ option. This is the list of all plugins available to you to make use of their packed features.
image.png 232.25 KB
To learn more about a plugin and its features, you can visit Zappter marketplace and look for the plugin and read the guide. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Uninstall’ button to get a prompt that has an option to take you directly to the user guides:
image.png 389.13 KB