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Zappter's free trials are straight-forward:
  • When you sign up, you get a 14 days trail period
  • During this period, you can explore and use every plugin Zappter offers
  • When the trial period ends, the business module plugins (which are the only paid plugins) will expire and you will need to subscribe to them. Other supportive plugins which are free for lifetime will continue to work
Business module plugins are crucial to define the operating model of your business.
The following section describes the steps to subscribe to the required plugins. 
Subscribe to Plugins
1. Click on your profile menu at the upper-right, and select the option 'My Account.'
image.png 321.17 KB
2. The 'My Account' screen displays. Go to the 'Subscriptions' option.
image.png 212.21 KB
3. Under 'Subscriptions' option, you see all the plugins you have used during your trial period. The free plugins are listed with 'Installed' status and the paid plugins are with 'Trial' status. Click on the 'Subscribe' button of any plugin that you want to subscribe.
image.png 182.52 KB
4. Complete your payment.
image.png 216.32 KB