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About Zappter Plugins
Zappter is fully modular, meaning the features and functionalities are developed as plugins independently of any specific projects so these plugins can be used by any app projects that need them. Technically, it is less lead on the system while you don't pay for something that you don't use.  
Types of Plugins
Zappter App Builder has two types of plugins:
1.    The Zappter Core Plugins are part of the builder's core functionality. These plugins are mandatory and the foundation of the app builder, so they are available to any user by default.  Below is a sample Core plugin, Picture.  Notice that it is Free, and the buy-button caption is 'It's yours.' 
2.    Others add additional features on demand. These plugins can be free or priced. Look at below two samples:
  • The button caption is 'Subscribe' when you have not subscribed. And 'Owned' when you have subscribed
Finding Plugins
Visit Zappter Marketplace at to check the available plugins.  While you're working on your app, you have a couple of options:
In the Admin, upper right-corner menu options:
2.    While in content editor. Under Content, last option is Marketplace.
Scroll down to the last option, Marketplace.
When in Zappter Marketplace, search for any plugin by its name, keywords, or functionality. You can also go by categorized list by plugin types such as e-commerce, marketing, etc:
1.    When you have found the plugin (check Finding Plugins section), you can install the plugin. Below are samples of premium and free plugins:
2.    When you click on 'Subscribe' or 'Free' button, it takes you to the plugin's detail page where the plugin's functionalities and features are explained.
3. Once convinced, it is the right plugin, click on the 'Subscribe' button. The below payment confirmation comes up.
4. Once the payment is completed, a confirmation appears. where you can go back to edit your app, click on the 'Edit App' button.

Uninstalling Plugins

When a plugin's functionality is no longer needed, you can uninstall it, so you won't be charged for subscribing to it in the future.
When trying to uninstall a plugin, make sure you always go to Zappter Marketplace from within the admin of whichever account you want to uninstall a plugin, and not go directly to the Zappter Marketplace URL.
1.    In the admin, upper right-corner menu options, click 'Marketplace.'
2.    Find the plugin that you want to uninstall (check out the Finding Plugins section in 'Installing Plugins' topic).
  • Free: Indicates the plugin is free and you haven't subscribed to it
  • Subscribe: Premium plugin and you haven't subscribed to it
  • It's yours: The plugin is part of Zappter Core that is installed by default and cannot be removed
  • Owned: It is a premium plugin that has been installed/subscribed already
3.    'Shipment costs' is a premium plugin that can be uninstalled if you no longer need its functionalities in your app. Click on the 'Owned' button. The plugin's detail page comes up. Click again on the 'Owned' button.
4.    Confirmation comes up (including an option to get to the tutorial of the plugin).
5.    Unsubscribe it.
And, confirm:
The plugin has been uninstalled/unsubscribed, and the 'Owned' button changes to 'Subscribe':
6.    You may get back to admin by scrolling up and selecting the 'Edit App' link.