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Content Editor

What is Zappter Content Editor?

Zappter's well-rounded app-building capabilities couldn't have been possible without an easy to use Drag-and-Drop content editor from the users perspective. It is not a regular content editor; it is the editor where you create your app's  UI for your users without doing any coding. You simply drag-and-drop your texts, images, videos, articles, reservations, and the other features subscribed.
  • On your left, you have all the UI elements and the UI plugins
  • On the right is the view, where you simply add the elements to design your app view
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  • Expand the group, click to add the chosen element
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Creating Content

1.    Admin > Customize > Content.  Click to edit your app (also called Content interchangeably)  to open the content editor.
2.    Content editor opens.
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Existing contents appear where you can change anything or add more. Or, the blank view opens when you're going to add content for the first time.
  • Reorganize the order by dragging any element up/down
  • Add new elements to the mobile view from the plugins panel on your left by clicking on them
  • Click on any element in the mobile view to edit its settings

Subpages (Category) 

Creating navigation hierarchy and drill-down content is important for your business to present content in an orderly fashion that users can easily grasp and interact. 
What are sub-pages or categories?
The sub-pages add a new page in the hierarchy, useful in the business context and information sharing. Your users tap on the subpage's button to navigate to it. For instance, you utilize sub-pages to categorize your products and services in e-commerce. For information sharing, you use it for organizing information such as company vision, mission, or legal information. 
Within Zappter context, sub-pages are called ‘category’ or ‘categories.’ In this section both terms used interchangeably. 
Creating Subpages / Categories 
1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app. 
2. In the app customization, expand the group. Category under Content. Click on the 'Category.' 
3. Set up your category. 
  • Name: Write a descriptive name for the category, and it is mandatory
  • Description: Short description about the category
  • Picture: Select a picture that will show up on the mobile app for this category 
 Using the Gallery tab, a user can insert an image from the computer, use an image already saved in the gallery or pick a free image from the Unsplash site. 
Additional tasks: 
You can do more with categories and have more control over your product listing and organizing. Click on the 'More options' button when creating or editing a category to check other tabs: 
Other optional tab:  
  • Station tab: Station overriding options in the context of e-commerce selling
Depending on the plugins you have subscribed to, you might see more tabs associated with the features of those plugins. 
4. Click on the 'Create' button to complete creating the category. 
5. 'Put online' to publish your new article so that it will appear on your users' devices. The button's caption changes from 'Put online' to 'Published'  once the changes have been applied successfully. 
Add Content inside Subpages 
1.   Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app.
2.   Click on the category, ‘Edit’ and ‘Open’ buttons show up.
image.png 450.47 KB
3.   Select ‘Open’ to open the category, and add content inside it. Now you have a whole new page to add content inside it. 
image.png 261.51 KB
Here you can add content in the same way as shown in this section above. When complete, or want to go back, press the highlighted ‘Back’ button. 
Edit/Delete Sub-pages 
1.   Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app.
2.   Click on the Category, ‘Edit’ and ‘Open’ buttons show up. 
image.png 450.47 KB
3.   Select ‘Edit’ to open the category setup screen. 
image.png 445.3 KB
Here you can change any setup detail of the category. Use the ‘More options’ button to change more settings. 
Use the ‘Delete’ option to remove the sub-page. 
It’s best practice to delete each of the content inside a sub-page before deleting a sub-page. 
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