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ZIP-Code Limitation

Control your selling, delivery, or shipping within areas using ZIP Codes and Postal Codes. Set it wholly or at an item-level.

1. Admin > Settings > ZIP-Code Limitation.  The General tab already selected.
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  • Disable ZIP-Code Limitation: What is shown up is the default setting, where you enable the feature. A user is prompted for entering the user's ZIP Code or Postal Code when the app user profile doesn't contain this information
  • Title: Provide a title text the prompting message on the mobile devices show up
  • Text: Provide a description of the prompt
2. Move on to the Settings tab. Here you set up the valid/accepted ZIP Codes and customize the error message when users don't enter valid/accepted ZIP Codes.
Enable ZIP-Code Limitation: Enable the feature
Invalid ZIP-Code Text: Error message that appears when an invalid ZIP Code is entered
Valid ZIP-Codes: Here you enter valid/accepted ZIP Codes selectively
Valid ZIP-Codes Ranges: Here you enter one or more valid/accepted ZIP-Code ranges 
  •  Entering valid/accepted ZIP Codes:  
3. Move on to the Rules tab. At this step, you customize the Rule's button text that appears on user mobile devices.
4. Save the changes.