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Create Your E-Commerce App Using Our Builder [No Coding]


Start Building Your Ultimate E-Commerce Mobile App

We made sure that our eCommerce app maker can handle every modern need to enhance your customers' shopping experiences.   
  • Simple, 4 steps to create your own app
  • 100+ Prebuilt eCommerce themes
  • More than 20 built-in eCommerce features
  • Provide customers many payment methods
  • Over 100's of pluggable features 
  • Publish on Android and iOS
  • Manage business, and handle your online sales efficiently with the admin tools
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The global eCommerce market size was $10.36 trillion in 2020, with a growth rate of 14.7% CAGR - Due to increasing smartphone users. The need for businesses to own eCommerce mobile apps far outruns the capacity of developers available to develop them. 
It should not discourage you from joining the eCommerce playground when 2021 seems the perfect time to start the idea of an eCommerce business or to take your brick-and-mortar businesses online. Because eCommerce is turning the crisis created by the COVID pandemic into opportunities.

Build your eCommerce store using eCommerce mobile app builder 10x faster

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Whether restaurant booking, spa, food ordering, or online store, convert more customers with mobile eCommerce. 

Use readymade eCommerce app themes, then customize it until you're happy

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Build an app that is going to be your new commission-free sales channel and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

eCommerce app builder

Zappter is not a common eCommerce platform where you sign up to sell your products straight away. It's an eCommerce app builder that you use to build apps for your eCommerce needs (selling your products and services online) for your brand. 
We designed Zappter to help business owners and entrepreneurs to turn their existing retail businesses and ideas into eCommerce mobile apps in minutes or hours without coding knowledge.
We understand retail businesses top to bottom; so we know what it takes to add a successful online store with a shopping app to your business and maximize your revenue potentials. Check out the benefits our platform brings you:

  • How to build your eCommerce app with simple steps?
  • How to add your content using our Content Manager (GUI builder)?
  • How to publish on iOS and Android app stores?
  • eCommerce app features to benefit your business
  • Pricing
  • Customer reviews
  • FAQ

How to build your eCommerce app with simple steps?

  • Sign up with your email - No Credit Card required
  • Zappter is free except a few areas like eCommerce and booking. But you can try everything the platform has to offer for 14 days free
  • Pick an app theme that fits best for your business from hundreds of available (later you can further customize it)

How to add your content using our Content Manager (GUI builder)?

You can select an app theme during the signup or skip to use Zappter's default app design. Whichever option you choose, you can change your app theme (design) at any time from the content manager. There are free and premium design choices available in different business categories to choose from for your eCommerce app.

Once you have chosen your eCommerce app design, you're all set to add your content and go to market. Using this powerful, yet user-friendly drag and drop content manager, it's easy to work with your app content. Simply, drag drop UI blocks effortlessly and playfully.

But, here is where things get interesting; Zappter is not a cookie-cutter when it comes to app design. You can utilize the powerful features of the content manager and the designer to produce a highly customized app unique to your brand.

Currently, only in Zappter, this level of design customization is possible among the other online app builders.
  • Friendly user interface and easy to use content editor
  • For every UI element, customize functionalities, and its behavior to adapt to your business needs
  • Add more features and control their behavior in the app builder's content manager
  • Use the designer to tweak a little in your app design or completely change the UI upside-down to recreate something new for your business.
  • Set different eCommerce order completion rules
  • Control pricing

How to publish on iOS and Android app stores?

  • Build, test, finalize, and submit to major app stores, all in one platform
  • Get a web app link instantly. Submit for iOS and Android app stores, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store
  • App store publishing assistant guides on every step throughout the process 
  • Check out for details
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eCommerce mobile app maker benefits

Send unlimited push notifications. Schedule and send  targeted notifications using tag manager to group your customers.
Our mobile app builder comes with built-in CRM that helps convert more customers through effective communication, build sustainable relationships to reduce the cost of each sale.
Reduce cart abandonment by giving more payment methods. Our eCommerce app builder supports, Payrexx, PayPal, Stripe, Twint, DataTrans, Wallee, COD, Vouchers, and the list grow.
Define & dynamically handle your Surcharges, Shipment, Taxes, Tips, and Gratuity charges and costs according to your business needs.
Enhance your eCommerce store's shopping experience by giving options to search for products, add favorite products to user profiles, show related products, and even attach selected product categories to the app's upper bar or bottom bar for popular items.
If you're already selling on a leading provider like Shopify or BigCommerce, you don't have to redo the catalog on your eCommerce app. The app maker is already integrated with these platforms, and you can easily import all products or selected ones.
Set up customer rating of your selling items. And, use it to see insights for improvements or show them on the content for other potential buyers
Zappter comes with a built-in online chat assistant that can chat in your customer's language. Or, you can also change to any one of the popular third-party chat programs that we have already integrated.
Increase customer loyalty by rewarding your buyers. Zappter offers turnkey reward options such as pay with Stamps, or you can also set up a full-fledged loyalty points system, whichever suits best for your business.
Appealing product listing is an essential part of the user experience. It funnels the user to product detail, then conversion.  You can create multi-levels of category/subpages for organizing items and customize the UI. Then collectively control sell-settings of all items on the category..
Use fulfillment rules to control what to sell, when to sell, where to sell, and also whom to sell. Collect customer data before settlement for insights, enforce a payment method, etc., based on business rules that you define
Set up promotions and discounts, then launch a campaign using built-in marketing tools such as push notifications, emails, social media integrations, and landing pages.
User modifiers to add variations to your product listings. Use ingredients and Article Groups for combo or package sales.
Comprehensive reports on transaction and customer data. Use the built-in analytics to get an insight of your business.


  • Pricing is only for these features: eCommerce, bookings, event management, and landing pages. These are pluggable features. 
  • The features discussed under the 'eCommerce mobile app maker benefits' section are free. These features are either built-in or pluggable at any time.
  • Check out Zappter Calculator to get an accurate cost to build your eCommerce business app with us. 

Customer reviews

 "I like the adaptability of this product. Most of my clients are startups and established small hotels and hotel tech providers. Whenever they look for a quick, economical, and brandable app for their business, I most of the time suggest this product and I do help them set up their app on a web app, and App Store, and Play Store "  -  Capterra Review 
"Super simple but powerful enough to put me competitive: - G2
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Start building your eCommerce mobile app today

No Credit Card Required
Product FAQ or Learn more about eCommerce below 
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FAQ (frequently asked questions) 

What is eCommerce app builder? 

You can sell your products online through various ways, like listing your products in big online retailer marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or similar sites. Another way is to build your eCommerce store on an eCommerce platform for a monthly fee, such as Shopify, BigCommerce. All these platforms provide desktop and mobile apps.

Another option is to build your own eCommerce websites and mobile apps. It used to be too expensive for a business owner to develop a web store and a customized app for an eCommerce business. Even if they can afford it, time and quality were the next concerns. 

The trend started to change with developments in eCommerce mobile app builders because they can create eCommerce stores for desktop and mobile users without coding knowledge in minutes, then you will spend time to add your listings. 

The advantage to have your own eCommerce store gives you more control over everything including your content and theme, enhances your brand, cuts down on commissions and subscription fees. Later stage, re-platforming can be easier with some eCommerce app builders. However, some businesses still use their own website, app along with other eCommerce platforms as a different sales channel.

What makes your eCommerce app builder different from the crowd? 

Some characteristics set our eCommerce app builder stands out. First is the ability to customize the app's design to enhance user experience, which you can only compare with an app developed by a highly talented team. Then comes its pricing, modularity in design, and powerful eCommerce app development features, free for a lifetime. 

For a customer, modularity helps keep resource costs lower because customers would only use the features their businesses require, and Zappter can offer its features at an affordable price to any business.

ECommerce plugin, one of the very few premium plugins Zappter offers, is robust, simple, complex, and packed with every function of an online business, no matter it's a mom-and-pop shop or a highly established brand. All you need is a bit of tweaking to adapt to your eCommerce business.

With Zappter, you only need a single registration to manage multiples of your business brands and have different app themes. And, you still operate them centrally.

Zappter is one of the first app builders to release features to help support businesses to reopen.

What sort of coding knowledge should I have to use your platform? 

Our eCommerce app builder is no code. So you don't need to have any coding knowledge to make your perfect mobile app.

  • What is eCommerce?
  • What is mCommerce?
  • Build eCommerce app
  • eCommerce growth timeline
  • eCommerce types today
  • What is Customer Lifetime Value?
  • How to enhance customer experience of your Shopping App?

What is eCommerce?

When you buy others’ products or services using the internet, or you’re selling your product or service using the internet, you’re doing commerce but electronically. Hence the word, eCommerce or e-commerce comes. 

Build eCommerce app

Building your cloth eCommerce app with our app builder is easy

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1. Sing up 2. Select theme 3. Create content 4. Publish. 

Making your salon app is just a few minutes away

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Use all tools to enhance your user experience because we built them for that.