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How to Make a Mobile App Without Coding?

Follow these simple, 4 easy steps to create your business-focused mobile app for iOS and Android.

The world of DIY app makers has changed and continues to get better at what they do. When you want to create a mobile app for your business, whether you choose a high-priced app builder or a free app builder, picking the right one might be challenging. But free signups and trials make the process less risky compared to choosing a custom development agency.
App design, customization, agility, pluggable features, affordability, and the ability to turn your ideas into instant reality or connecting to your running business model to boost your revenue, are the fortes to expect if you choose the right app builder product. 
But few go beyond being just an app builder; they can help you streamline your business operations entirely. 

The app builder is designed to be friendly, business-focused, and ensure the enduring distinctness of your brand through lots of pluggable features to keep your user experiences (UX) at the top and help your business reach its true revenue potentials.

 So, let us try creating an app with these simple, quick steps and see how it feels like making an app of your own. 
4-step approach to create your mobile app, connect with your business, build your audience, and see your sales growth. 


Sign-up free, no credit cards.


Design your app, create content, and go live. Read step-by-step instructions.


Manage your customer orders coming in from your app.


Target, retarget, and outreach users, and convert into buyers with a ton of features, developed just that in mind.

1. Sign up With Zappter App Builder 

Zappter’s signup process is inspiring and simple. A well-researched design is truly a welcoming experience for any user wanting to build an app. You must try it yourself, it’s absolutely free. 
What strikes anyone about the sign-up is, you only have to keyboard input your app name, email, and password. Yet, you end up being another competent user in Zappter App Builder at the end of the registration process. How? 
Zappter app builder is powerful but simple! Apart from that, Zappter’s sign-up is comprising of three tasks that ensure a smooth and well-ordered onboarding experience for new users trying to build an app: 
  1.  Setting up your basic information. 
  2. Choosing a template or no-template for your app design.  
  3. Learning the basics with the product tour of the app builder.

 Step #1. Set up Your Basic Information with Zappter App Builder 

 Where do you begin? It is the first step in signing up; it starts with heading over to and clicking on Get Started or Try for free button. 
 More info: 
 The process takes you through a few screens starting with entering your app name or the brand, which will become your web app URL. 
 Other information it collects through the consecutive screens of the app builder signup wizard during the stage are: 
  • Email & password that will become your username and the password to login to edit your app design. 
  • Zappter app builder newsletter opt-in, terms acceptance, followed by choosing your time zone, locality, and upload your business logo.
 And, in the end, it confirms your basic information collection completion. 
 Congratulations! you’re nearly half-way through your signup and app building process. 

 Step #2. Choose an App Design Template 

 Where do you begin? When you click on the Continue in the previous screen, the wizard continues with informative screens, questionnaire screens, and app design catalog discussed here. 
 Pass through informative screens, click to answer the questionnaire, and select a template or skip template selection to complete this step. 
 More info: 
 Informative screens, intended to share some useful information very briefly. Move through the screens clicking Understood
 For your reference, below are the information shared through the screens: 
  • How Zappter works?
  • What is the Marketplace?
  • Benefits with your own app.
 It starts with the below screen: 
 Questionnaire screens, intended to collect data to simplify your app-building experience by pointing to your app-specific features and send useful, relevant info in future newsletters to you. 
 Go through each of the point-and-click screens to complete your inputs: 
  • Your Idea
  • App Store
  • Your Skills
 It starts with the below screen: 

App Design Template 

 App design or app design templates, there are plenty of stunning, readily available app designs to choose from, and you can browse by categories and choose the one best fits your business if you intend to use one of these designs. 
 You can Skip at this screen to go without a design and use Zappter’s standard UI. 
  • You can choose a free or premium app design that works best for your business, branding, and design needs.
  • You can also choose to go with the ‘No Template’ option by Skipping this screen and use Zappter’s standard UI, which is also sleek and clean.

How to design an app? 

 The ‘No template’ option is best when your design and branding demands are unique; because with Zappter, you can customize an app’s UI to any extreme and turn it into a whole new design for your brand, or craft it to match your existing brand. However, it might be ideal at a later time, when you have explored Zappter’s robust app design capabilities that offer intense customization options to go any levels of design granularity. 
 Hats off! You’re more than half-way through your sign-up. 

 Step #3. Learn the Basics With the Product Tour 

 Where do you begin? As you complete the app design template section, a carefully crafted laconic product tour comes up. It walks you through adding content to your app and publishing it on user devices, followed by guiding you on live previewing the app on the Zappter app builder’s built-in simulator. 
 Congratulations! You signed up successfully, and your app is ready to take off. 
 Your next task is to add your content. 

2. Create Content [app UI design]