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Covid Tracing Plugin

Provided free of charge; Covid Tracing Plugin now available. Just install, configure and go. Easy self-check-in of your guests or scan the QR code of your guests with the Covid Tracing Scanner Station.

For the community

Provided free of charge; Covid Tracing Plugin now available to help you during the challenging corona time.
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Easy setup

Just install, configure and go. Easy self-check-in of your guests or scan the QR-Code of your guests with the Covid Tracing Scanner Station. 

Flexible to any requirements

Depending on your region, can be required different information to allow the check-in. Over 30 different settings guarantee that you can use this plugin to match your requirements.

image.png 249.34 KB
image.png 45.86 KB

Connect with SMS-Authentication

This plugin works best with the SMS-Authentication Plugin, which changes to login flow of your app to first enter a valid phone number. Once the phone number is verified, your guest can enter his data and then check-in.
Multi Check-in

Guests can select the amount of persons if you enable this setting, and check-in for multiple people same time.
Disable Check-in

Do you own a club and want to check-in guests yourself? Just disable it and scan the QR-Code on the entrance.
Works with Social-Auth

Connect your social pages to let your guests check-in even faster using facebook, google or others.
Works with SMS

Install the SMS-Authentication plugin to allow your guests to check-in with their phone number.

Stay safe

Use the contact tracing plugin in your restaurant, hotel, bar or club at the entrance. All provided for free! Stay safe!
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