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Vous envisagez de vous lancer dans la création de votre application ? Consultez les questions et réponses pour tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer à créer votre propre application !

General Questions

Can I build an app without any coding skills at all?

Yes, with Zappter you don't need programming skills to create your app and customize it to your brand identity. Zappter is incredibly user-friendly, so you can do everything with a simple drag and drop.

How long does it take to create an app using Zappter?

It hardly takes 2 – 3 minutes to create your first app. From there on, you can keep on continuing with design customization to your preference and maintaining your content.

Can Zappter handle all my business needs?

Zappter has been developed to support simple and complex business needs and is scalable to address your business requirements by adding an extra plugin to extend the functionalities. Check out our marketplace plugins that help answer your business needs and give competitive advantages over others.

Why is Zappter so affordable, comparing to other solutions?

Zappter's vision: Just like websites, nowadays everyone should be able to get their own app without coding-skills and high costs. Our philosophy: Simplicity, customizability and lightning fast state-of-the art apps. Thanks to the marketplace you only pay for the features you need.

Do I own my app, created with Zappter?

Zappter is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that you use to build your own app. So, you own the intellectual property rights. However, once you cancel your subscription with Zappter your data and your app gets deleted.

How many accounts can I create with Zappter?

You can create as many accounts as you want. However, you can run all your businesses with a single account to simplify your day-to-day administration and management. Just register again with your email address and once you login, you are able to select the right app.

Do I need any training to manage & maintain my app?

Zappter doesn’t need any special training to get started or managing in the long run as it is a simple and user-friendly platform, while all the heavy tasks are handled by the Zappter in the backstage. However, there is plenty of user documentation available to support you.

How is Zappter different from other app building platforms?

Zappter is more than an app builder. It's an enterprise mobility solutions builder. Zappter is the only app builder as of today to allow design customization that's on par with custom-developed mobile apps. We work intensively with our community and consultants of different sectors to provide more features and plugins.

  • Developed for everyone: No complicated manual steps or developer accounts required
  • Your app is your brand: Completely customizable
  • More than 120 features and plugins
  • Community based: We listen to our community and develop new features
  • Affordable & flexible pricing
  • Simple and understandable platform
What if Zappter can’t address my business needs?

If you don't find a plugin that addresses your demands, you may request a custom solution as well or write your requirements in the community.

What is my Service Level Agreement (SLA) as a Zappter user/customer?

When you sign up with Zappter to build your app, you enter into an SLA with Zappter AG. You will have access to our Support Portal where you can create support tickets for your cases. On the end-user side, Zappter will make sure your app continues to work in circumstances if Apple or Google releases any updates to their systems.

Subscription & Licensing

Does the free plan expire?

No, the free plan is free forever.

Can I cancel my subscriptions at any time?

Yes, you can at any time. Zappter doesn't have any contractual binding conditions.

Can I unsubscribe a plugin that I no longer want to use without affecting my app?

Sure, you can at any time. It won't interfere with your app's other functionalities.

Apple Developer Account and Google Developer Account

Do I need an Apple developer account to publish my app on App Store?

No, you don't need an Apple developer account to publish your app on App Store. When you sign up with us, you enter into a contract with Zappter AG to develop your customized mobile app. Hence, as your development partner, we own the code and the binary/app to publish your app on App Store with our Apple developer account. When you work with commercialized template providers and app generation services who mass produce cloned apps of templated versions, Apple guidelines require that customers submit their apps with their own Apple developer account for publishing. Unlike other app builders, Zappter is based on the idea that anyone can create their own unique app, without code. The customization options are unlimited and simplify "code" into an interface that everyone understands.

Marketplace & Features

What is the Zappter Marketplace?

Zappter marketplace is the platform integrated online listing of app add-ons. Currently, it lists:

  • 120+ free and premium plugins with with user manuals, ratings, and customer comments
  • Hundreds of professionally designed, stunning app templates (app themes)
What are plugins?

Plugins are pieces of software that add and expand your app with specific features to enhance or address your business requirements.

Can I create a multilingual app with Zappter?

Yes, you can. Look for the Multilingual App plugin in our marketplace for additional details and setup information.

Can I add e-commerce features to my app?

Yes, you can. Please check for the E-Commerce plugin in the Zappter marketplace.

Can I create an app for taking online appointment bookings?

Yes, you can. Please check for the Reservation & Booking System plugin in the Zappter marketplace. You also have tutorials and user docs of it.

Can I add an online chat to my app?

Yes, you can. Please check for the Chat plugin in the Zappter marketplace.

Can I use push notifications?

Yes, and you can do much more. You can create laser-targeted notifications, schedule them and deeplink to app content from the pushes. Please check for the Push-Notifications plugin in the Zappter marketplace. We also have the tutorials and user docs of it. 

Can I use Smart Banners for my app?

Yes, you can. Please check for the Banners plugin in the Zappter marketplace. You also have the tutorials and user docs of it.

I am using a third-party solution to manage my marketing strategy; how Zappter can help here?

Zappter app can integrate with some of the leading all-in-one, purpose-built marketing tools, enabling you to manage your campaigns in one place. Please check our marketplace to see supported platforms.

Technical Questions

Do I need any mobile devices to build my app?

No. All you need is an internet connection and a computer to build your app for iOS and Android devices. When editing your content, the inbuilt iPhone-emulator on the editor reflects your changes.

Can my app work as a mobile website?

Zappter produces a PWA (web app), an iOS app and an Android app. Yes, you can use as the PWA as a website.  

Can I connect my domain to my app?

Yes, you can. Look for Custom Domain plugin in our marketplace. The plugin’s documentation explains step by step on how to connect your domain with the app.

Which internet browsers are supported?

We support all popular browsers with the latest versions, including MS Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, or other Chromium-based browsers. The recommended browser is Chrome.

Which version of iOS & Android does the app support?

Zappter works on all versions of iOS and Android currently in use.

Does it work on all devices?

Yes, it does, Zappter works on all devices independently. No matter which browser, OS or device as long as iOS and Android versions are in use.

What about speed and server availability?

Our high-available architecture is distributed across multiple regions and clustered. If there is a regional issue with one server, the affected users will be connected to a different server nearest.

What security does Zappter use?

All critical information is encrypted, and personal data is not stored on mobile devices. When you subscribe, you'll get your own dedicated database.

Legal & Data Protection

Am I legally bound by the laws to protect my privacy and sensitive data when I sign up with Zappter?

We take data security and user data abuses seriously and endeavor to protect your data. In addition to maintaining highly secured infrastructure digitally and physically using world-class security tools, we employ strict security policies and procedures to ensure your privacy and data protection. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Does Zappter take responsibility in case of data theft, breach, loss, or unauthorized access to my data?

Zappter maintains a strict policy on data security, privacy protection, and stability of the platform. However, the data security policies and procedures of Zappter, within the context of app builder, were designed to assume that user organizations would implement specific measures within their control to achieve the goal collectively through shared responsibility as defined by various information security frameworks. 
Organizational responsibility includes but not limited to: 

  • User account policies
  • Offline security of customer data
  • Notifying Zappter of suspicious activities
  • Adhering to Zappter's best practices
  • Protecting payment provider's confidential API keys

For more information, please check section 4.2 Obligations under the Terms & Condition page.

Do you provide a contract?

The contract about using Zappter and other services offered by the platform is consented to by agreeing to the option "I agree to the General Terms and Conditions" during the user account's online registration.

App Store Questions

How long does it take to get my app published in Google Play Store and Apple App Store?

Once you have submitted your app, it takes usually 7-14 days.

Can I modify my content after the app has been published in the app stores?

You can modify your content at anytime and in realt-time. Just press the button "Publish" and your changes are synchronized to all devices world-wide.