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Beginner & signup

Getting started with Zappter App Builder.

Is it easy to build my own app?

Absolutely, as simple as choosing your plan and signing up. Once you're signed up, our quick walkthrough will interact with you on a few steps to have your app running with your first product; it takes a couple of minutes.

You can pick one of our professionally made design templates that best suits your business. Or if you want your design fitting into your mold, you can build it from square one; it's easy too, with Zappter's drag-and-drop content editor.

Can I build an app without any coding skills at all?

Yes. With Zappter, you don't need any coding skills to build your app and hone it to your brand identity to stand out. Zappter is insanely user-friendly that you can accomplish most of the things with simple drag-and-drop yet without compromising on competitive edges because Zappter takes care of every hard part for you, behind the scenes. 

For what sizes and types of businesses can Zappter build apps?

Zappter App Builder with the thought to meet the demands of mom-and-pop grocery stores to restaurant chains, to megacorps. Check out our marketplace plugins that help target your business needs and give competitive advantages over others. If you don't find a plugin that addresses your demands, you may request a custom solution as well.

What are Zappter marketplace and plugins?

At the core, Zappter is a modular platform, which means the functionalities can be added (or removed) to support your scalable business needs. These functionalities have been packed into plugins that can be added to your Zappter apps to extend its capabilities. All plugins are available in the Zappter marketplace to subscribe, unsubscribe along with descriptions and tutorials.

Can I have a unique UI for my brand?

Of course, you can. There are three ways a Zappter app can have its UI created: (1) Use Zappter standard UI, (2) Use one of our professionally designed themes, (3) Use Zappter's Designer tool to customize your UI to match your brand. The third option using the smart Designer tool smooths the way with fun to design your UI.

How is Zappter different from other app building platforms?

Zappter is more than an app builder. It's an enterprise mobility solutions builder too; it satisfies end-users as well as organizations. For instance, when Zappter builds a perfect eCommerce store for your end-users, at the back office, it can help your organization to effectively manage your order tracking, inventory, warehouses, customer engagement & relationship strategies.