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Welcome to the Zappter Discussion Forums. Ask your questions and write feedback to the community. Moderators from Zappter are marked and may answer questions also.

Beginners' area

Beginner-friendly area. Post all your questions, and the experts will respond.

Tips & Tricks

Master your app building skills with tips from the expert community advisors.

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Discuss, share your expertise, or find out more about marketplace plugins.

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Discuss e-commerce, learn and help others with doing e-commerce with mobile app.

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App Stores Topics

Apple App Store & Google Play Store discussions.

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Content Ideas

Share your content ideas & learn from others. Grow with the community.

Design Ideas

Put your innovative design ideas on the showcase. See what others got for you.

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Marketing your app

It's all about marketing your business through your app.

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Branding your business

App branding strategies and similar.

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Suggestion Forum

Suggest how we can improve the Zappter App Builder.

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Integration Help

Integrating two different solutions is no easy task. Share your experience and learn from others & our experts.

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Support Community

Your level-one support reference.

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