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free shipping

Mar 29, 2021
is it possible to set free shipping if the amount of the cart is more than 50 Euro, did anyone have any experience with this?
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Rocky IV
Mar 29, 2021
Hi there, After you create the first shipment entry, click on it and will display a popup with 2 buttons. If you click on the green one you can create a rule when this shipment should apply. So you can create the first and call it Regular Shipment Cost and then you create one new you can call Free Shipment. You now click on Free Shipment and add the rule Total Order Price > Is greater than > and in the Value box, you insert 50 in your case.
Mar 29, 2021
Wow, this is what I call being detailed! Thank you so much and get the Like!
Rocky IV
Mar 29, 2021
Glad to be of help. Thank you for the like :)
Apr 07, 2021
Order and Pick up it Later date
Hi Mr Rocky,
can you help me,
if customer order some items and they can choose another day to pick it.
I can't figured regards

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