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The power of Zappter goes way beyond customer-facing. Streamline and simplify your internal operations with Back-office plugins.

Cookie Policy Generator
La política de cookies se crea de forma lúdica con este plugin. Sólo tienes que editar el nombre de tu empresa y listo.
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Legal Disclosure Generator
Cree su declaración legal fácilmente con una plantilla predefinida y hágala visible en su app o webapp.
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Privacy Policy Generator
Explaining your users about your privacy policy is an integral part of your app; it's a legal requirement. Besides, it creates user/corporate confidence in how your app uses personal, financial, and other sensitive data across your app.This plugin helps you can create your privacy policy through predefined and customizable templates.
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Términos y condiciones
Añade tus propios términos y condiciones a tu aplicación.
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Value added taxes
Manage taxes. Add tax to Articles, or to containers, such as Categories or Offers that hold selling items. Taxes can be customized to suite your regulations.
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CRM - Custom Fields Extension
When your CRM needs additional custom fields, this plugin helps you create them out of large types of fields, including regular text to map, address, location, and signature, etc.
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Permission Groups
When you need control over your users to the detail, a role-based permission strategy is a proven solution that this plugin handles effectively. Create roles and assign a granular level of permissions to them. Then simply link the roles to users.
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Rating System
This plugin enables you to add ratings and comments on your app platform. Customize the rating behaviour and let your users rate services, orders or anything else.
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Ingenious QR-Codes
When you have to share a file or a document, you don't have to guess your clients' preferred languages, or let them look for translators either; the Ingenious QR Codes delivers your files and documents in their device languages.
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SMTP Mailer
Change the sender email address to your own domain with SMTP Mailer. Easily configure your SMTP Credentials and start sending from your own domain now.
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Multiple Admin Users
Create as many users as you want to give them admin access to your app yet with a control, who has access to what task.
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IP-Address Limitation
With this plugin, you can control requests that come from intended users by setting IP restrictions.
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