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Use these plugins to showcase your products & services and move the customers through an outstanding buyer’s journey.

Zappter is popular for customizing your design to the smallest detail – including colors. This plugin enables presetting colors to UI elements globally.
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Splash Screens / Slides
Say "Hello" to your app users! Use Intro Slides to guide your app users through your app with beautiful intros. A must have for all apps!
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Zappter CRM - My Customers
Maintain customer profiles, segment them, improve communication, remarket your offers, scale up your analytical data and reporting, and retain customers to earn loyalty.
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iOS & Android App
Publicar tu aplicación en la App Store de Apple o en la Play Store de Google utilizando este único plugin es fácil y ya no es una batalla difícil.

Este plugin simplifica y guía la presentación de su aplicación a las principales tiendas de aplicaciones mediante la recopilación de información sobre su aplicación en pasos organizados, específicos para las directrices de las tiendas de aplicaciones de Apple y Google. Cuando hayas completado la preparación de esta información, estarás listo para enviar tu aplicación para su aprobación por las principales tiendas de aplicaciones.
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Landing Pages
With the landing pages plugin you can create multiple pages in your app and change the entire content just with a click. Share a landing page with a QR-Code or a unique link directly with your customers. This plugin is useful in combination with other plugins, such as Places.
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Custom Form Rule
Use this plugin to turn your own form into selling and authentication rules.
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Multilingual App
Let your app talk in the language your customers speak. Add any language, translate your entire app with just a single click.
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Rating System
This plugin enables you to add ratings and comments on your app platform. Customize the rating behaviour and let your users rate services, orders or anything else.
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Ingenious QR-Codes
When you have to share a file or a document, you don't have to guess your clients' preferred languages, or let them look for translators either; the Ingenious QR Codes delivers your files and documents in their device languages.
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SMTP Mailer
Change the sender email address to your own domain with SMTP Mailer. Easily configure your SMTP Credentials and start sending from your own domain now.
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Tawk Chat
Integrate Chat with your app for Live Chat and stay connected with customers. With this quick integration, you gain every valuable thing Chat has to offer, including the dashboard with engagement management, insight, and team management.
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CRM - Email Extension
Use CRM email extension to speed up, untangle your email outreach process, and keep track of all conversations in one place with respective customer profiles.
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