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Plugins for developers who integrate with third-party systems, build for Zappter or improve development workflows.

Zappter Core Functions
Bundle of platform-essential functions. Prepares your app to work with existing and future Zappter based functions, plugins & rollouts.
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CRM - Custom Fields Extension
When your CRM needs additional custom fields, this plugin helps you create them out of large types of fields, including regular text to map, address, location, and signature, etc.
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SMTP Mailer
Change the sender email address to your own domain with SMTP Mailer. Easily configure your SMTP Credentials and start sending from your own domain now.
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QR-Code Scanner
Display a QR-Code section in your app's bottom bar. Easily let your users scan any kind of QR-Codes.
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Collect customer data and draw new insights out of it to benefit both the business and the customer experience. Use this plugin to design entire forms that performs the task for you.
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IP-Address Limitation
With this plugin, you can control requests that come from intended users by setting IP restrictions.
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WooCommerce Connector
Integrate your WooCommerce Shop with your own App!
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Integrate your SendGrid email account with an easy couple of steps so that your emails go from your domain, rather than from Zappter.
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Twilio SMS Gateway
Inform your app users about the status of orders or others via SMS.
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Web-App / Domain
Set your own domain for your web-app. For example: In addition you get a free SSL so that your web app is completely encrypted (https).
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Shopify Connector
Connect your shopify shop with your app!
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Custom Payment Rules
Create your own rules like "Pay by Bill", "Pick-Up" or anything else!
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