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Extend your app with awesome ideas that instantly inspire, turned into fully-formed solutions.

Custom Form Rule
Use this plugin to turn your own form into selling and authentication rules.
Ingenious QR-Codes
When you have to share a file or a document, you don't have to guess your clients' preferred languages, or let them look for translators either; the Ingenious QR Codes delivers your files and documents in their device languages.
QR-Code Scanner
Display a QR-Code section in your app's bottom bar. Easily let your users scan any kind of QR-Codes.
Covid Tracing Plugin
Provided free of charge; Covid Tracing Plugin now available. Just install, configure and go. Easy self-check-in of your guests or scan the QR code of your guests with the Covid Tracing Scanner Station.
With this plugin, you can generate QR Codes and place them anywhere. Your app users can scan this QR Code, place an order and you know exactly where they are. A great feature that you can use in many situations, for example in a restaraunt on the table, on a pool seat in your hotel and many more.
9.90 USD / Mensual
Audio Player
With this plugin you can upload and play audio-files on your app.
Audio Stream
Add any audio-stream into your app.
VIP Payment Rule
La regla de pago VIP te permite compartir un código con amigos conocidos. Esto permite a tus amigos pasar las reglas de tu app con el código secreto.
Delivery System
Enhance your app with a smart time picker so your users can choose their preferred delivery method and time.
Liquidación de la edad
Utiliza este plugin para pedir la autorización de edad antes de permitir a tus usuarios acceder a la aplicación o enviar un pedido.
YesStreaming Player
A customizable HTML5 Player For Shoutcast and Icecast​ with automatic track meta information rendering.
Checkable Content
Make any content checkable with this easy to use addon.
Spotify Widget
Spotify tracks easily embedded in your app.
Service Stations
Allows service employees to pickup and deliver items.
9.90 USD / Mensual
ePUB: E-Book Reader
Enables your users to read e-books within the app.
Internal Inventory Tool
An internal inventory tool allows to register bar-codes and QR-Codes and manage stock for internal usage.
9.90 USD / Mensual
Howler Audio Player
With Howler Audio Library you can reliably play audio files and streams on all platforms.
Un foro interactivo permite a los usuarios comunicarse entre sí.
9.90 USD / Mensual