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Twint by Payrexx

Now you can integrate with Payrexx TWINT in seconds. Set it up, use it to offer your users with a convenient payment process for online shops, app shops to move with a smartphone or table.

Collect payments

Allow your customers to make rapid, simple and secure payments in your app or web app. Now you can integrate with Payrexx TWINT in seconds.
image.png 228.52 KB

Easy integration

Set up your Payrexx account and enable Twint Payment Method in your Payrexx Admin. You now opened up your business to millions TWINT users and also to customers that do not have credit cards.

Checkout with TWINT

Select TWINT as the payment method at the checkout. The TWINT app will open automatically. Confirm the payment and you’re done!
image.png 209.23 KB
image.png 61.33 KB

Quick and secure

With TWINT, your customers can pay for the purchases quickly and securely. Find out how quick it is to pay with TWINT and maintain an overview of payments.

A few steps away

TWINT is easy to configure. Get the plugin now and allow users to pay even faster!
image.png 121.47 KB
Now you can integrate with Paypal. Set it up with simple steps, let your buyers enjoy the comfiest & the most popular payment option.
Integrate with Payrexx, the world's most straightforward payment platform.
Seamless Stripe integration is done easily with this plugin. Your app users no longer need to navigate to other sites to make payments.
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