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 Build The Best Restaurant App in Minutes 

Today mobile apps drive more sales to restaurants than other channels because of shifting trends. Build your app fast with a difference, go live. Publish on App Store & Google Play

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iOS & Android Mobile app for business 
Generate additional sales, reduce cost to serve, reduce marketing cost, enhance the customer experience, create stickiness.
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Boost productivity, efficiency & customer engagement
When customer satisfaction increases, sales usually do too. Offer your customers the best way to interact with you.
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Increase sales, reduce costs, run efficiently
Mobile apps help you expand your audience reach in a very short time while reducing marketing costs.
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Your business doesn't have to wait for its app

Sign up

Sign up with your restaurant name & logo. Choose a restaurant template among hundreds of professionally designed modern user interfaces.

Add content with drag-and-drop 

Create your menu, tweak the app UI to your brand, set up payment options, set online sellings, table reservations, dine-ins, and delivery options — everything in minutes! 

Launch your app instantly

Go live instantly with your web app. 
Submit your app for App Store and Google Play for Free.
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 Multilingual digital menus
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QR code support
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Online orders
Table reservations
Diverse payment options 
 Smart stations   
Contactless order stations
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Built-in online chat
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Loyalty points
Built-in marketing tools
Tips, taxes, and service fees
Manage food store
Tutorials & user guides
100% free for limited time

Cater to modern demands with classy digital menus

Offer intuitive multilingual digital menus

Menus with larger images, ratings, and display descriptions with the detailed descriptions at an extra tap in customers' own language, gives peace of mind to anyone who prefers ordering food without any rush. And, it gives better chances to upsell and link-sell more when combine with other built-in features.
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Create, refine customer experiences with QR codes

Use QR codes to improve customer experiences, save on print materials, and go contactless for dine-in restaurants

Generate QR code pull-up menus, show food and beverage ingredients on demand for curious customers at the dine-in and traditional high-end restaurants. You can also use QR code-based special menus to serve exclusive areas within the restaurant or use it to cover your spot on a food court.

Customer-friendly online ordering system

Start loyalty building with online food orders

Offer your customers seamless and error-free online ordering where customers can not only avoid long queues but see item ratings to avoid guesswork, able to reorder with their past custom orders. Give the option to choose their ingredients, top-ups to their taste, and make them come back.

Offer delivery and pickup options

Define your delivery zone by area codes, Zip codes, or make your custom coverage. And offer pickup options and set up order timing or go 24/7.

Fill as many seats as possible with online bookings

If you offer more than fast foods or casual-fast dining, our online booking feature is there to help you tackle frustrating diner lineups at the restaurant. And, no more dedicated staff to take booking by phone calls.

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Endless payment options

Provide online and offline payment options

Cash, Cash-on-delivery, all major cards, PayPal, Stripe, Payrexx, Datatran, and counting.

Streamline operations, add efficiency to see profits

Process orders with smart stations

Every order is received by stations for you to process or initiate a chat with the customer. You create stations using drag-n-drop for order takers, kitchens, and wherever needed. Use any device from anywhere to operate these stations.

Create your own kiosks to automate and go contactless

Assign digital menus to take orders within the restaurant and reduce employee interactions, human errors, and delays in noting down the orders. It also opens more opportunities to upsell or cross-sell more by advertising other products or when a customer explores your offerings.
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Build loyalty

UX throughout the app prepares customers for loyalty; strengthen relationships using targeted features

Create client persona with built-in CRM, keep engaged with various tools provided, offer targeted promotions, and design your own loyalty points system - everything with built-in features using drag-and-drop.

Cover your marketing costs significantly

Benefit from range of built-in marketing features to cut down on your marketing budget

Zappter has your marketing needs covered with prominent tools, push-notifications, email campaigns, SMS, landing pages, proximity marketing, and social media integration. Check out other WOW features to get your customers at the door.


Get insights, improve experiences

Improve services with multiple touch-points of insights, buying patterns, and comprehensive user behavior analytics.

Handle non-revenue

Tips, taxes & service charges

Flexible options to collect tips. Define taxes according to any country or region. Collect service charges as per your operational requirements.

Frequently asked questions

How to create an app for my restaurant?

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with Zappter
  2. Choose your restaurant theme
  3. Add your menus and pricing
  4. Modify the theme design, if you want to 
  5. Publish on iOS and Android.
Or, learn more about the app builder.
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Build your brand. Grow unstoppable with Zappter