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 How to Turn Your Blog into an App: Start Mobile Blogging

Build Your Blogging App in Minutes

Start your blog and take it wherever you go. Write and update your content on the move

 Grow your audience with a stunning app for web app, App Store, and Play Store

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Mobile app for business 
Generate additional sales, reduce cost to serve, reduce marketing cost, enhance the customer experience, create stickiness. 

Boost productivity & efficiency 
When customer satisfaction increases, sales usually do too. Offer your customers the best way to interact with you. 

Increase sales & reduce costs 

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 Rich text formatting, image editing, linked and inline audio, video, animation, maps, and more  — in minutes! 

Go live instantly with your web app. 
Submit your app for App Store and Google Play for Free.
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Blog in any language
Launch quick
Social share
User-friendly editor
Custom email & domain
Image manipulation
Inline audio & video
YouTube & Vimeo videos
CRM for subscribers
Landing pages for affiliates  
Outreach tools
Sell online
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Keep your posts organized

Help visitors quickly scan your content to find what they look for; group, highlight, segregate by demographies using Categories.

Tweak the design

Change colors, shapes of everything including CTAs, and customize the design to your brand or what your audiences want to see — everything with drag-n-drop!

Side hustle? Offer payment options

Diverse payment options, if you sell additional products and services.

Outreach, use tools to increase your traffic

Manage subscribers with built-in CRM

 Dedicated blog readers are an asset to power your readership. Create CTAs and manage your readers with built-in CRM. 

Promote content using built-in tools

Ensure reader coming back with effectively using tools like push notifications, email campaigns with built-in as well as benefit from HubSpot and MailChimp integrations.

Create dedicated landing pages

Make landing pages as many as wanted to direct readers from within your app, other sites, PCC, and email campaigns. 


Content creation simplified. Get moving

Chill out on your SEO worries

Build it fast, make your presence in two of the leading app stores, Apple and Google. Take advantage of app store plugin's SEO capabilities.

Add content faster with a difference

Use the rich set of posh UI elements to make sure your content stands unique.  Zappter keeps constant update strategy on UX and UI aspects to ensure your app goes along the trend. 

Grow your audience, brand your blog

Get insights, improve experiences

Improve content, products, and services with multiple touch-points of insights, buying patterns, and comprehensive user behavior analytics.

Explore Marketplace for more features

Hundreds of features through plugins, readily waiting to enhance your reader experiences and make sure you stand out in the crowded landscape. 
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Build your brand. Grow unstoppable with Zappter