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Mobile app for business 
Generate additional sales, reduce cost to serve, reduce marketing cost, enhance the customer experience, create stickiness. 
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Boost productivity & efficiency
When customer satisfaction increases, sales usually do too. Offer your customers the best way to interact with you.
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Increase sales & reduce costs
Mobile apps help you expand your audience reach in a very short time while reducing marketing costs.

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Your business doesn't have 

to wait for its app 

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Sign up with your spa name & logo. Choose a spa template among hundreds of professionally designed, stunning interfaces.

Add content with drag-and-drop

List and organize spa products, treatments, therapies, and resources. Offer range of payment options, set selling & booking rules — everything in minutes! 

Launch your app instantly 

Go instantly live with your web app. 
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  Online bookings
  Manage drop-ins
  Retail sales
  Manage resources
  Smart availability calendar
Diverse payment options 
Loyalty points
Smart stations
Spa inventory
Client engagement
  Marketing tools
Tutorials & user guides
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Build your own app to achieve your business goals

Health and Beauty is fastest-growing with $28 billion sales globally, grab your position

You need a striking app that can grab your piece of the pie. With Zappter, your listings are comprehensive, stylish, and well-connected to put you on the front foot.

Increase bookings with positive client experiences

Online booking engine supports your changing booking strategies. Personalize and intensify the guest experience with constant engagements, pre-arrival intake forms, flexible bookings, and reminders.

Turn every opportunity to increase sales

Realize your retail potential 

Don't overlook, increase your retail sales with snappy product listings with upsells and linked-sells. Sell beauty products, food & beverage on your spa outlet or anything you can put a price tag. 

Grab every opportunity to maximize your sales 

Study your pre-booking stats and strategize on drop-in sales with Drop-in feature. 
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Increase efficiency and lower your costs

Benefit comprehensive booking views

Organize appointments, move around, allocate, and squeeze in client appointments to cut down on resource under utilization. 

Manage your resources effectively 

Maintain resources profile, working hours, pre-schedule leaves and link them to services based on their qualifications and empower clients to choose their perfect therapists to avoid too many inquiries. 

Oversee your retail stocks within Zappter 

Use built-in stocks control to track suppliers, re-orders, create bar codes and QR codes to monitor inventory. Utilize mobile devices to manage store efficiently. 

Enhance customer experience with features

Engage more with clients 

Give clients access to comprehensive brochures on treatments, products and therapies. Schedule reminders using texts messages, push notifications or even chat online when requires. 

Offer countless payment options 

Zappter works with some of the popular, most secured payment gateways and cards to make sure you convert every lead and avoid cart abandonments. 

Turn client feedbacks into better service quality 

Set up product or service level ratings and display your quality to get more sales, and use them as insights to improve your goals. 

Get your schedule organized

Create your time slots and set several specific times when an appointment or booking can start. Move appointments to the next day, cancel appointments, create absences and so much more.
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Loyalty & Marketing

Build loyalty 

Create client persona with built-in CRM, keep engaged with various tools provided, offer targeted promotions and design your own loyalty points system. 

Cover your marketing costs significantly 

Zappter has your marketing needs covered with prominent tools, push-notifications, email campaigns, SMS, landing pages, proximity marketing, and social media integration. Check out other WOW feature to get your customers at the door. 


Get insights, improve experiences

Improve services with multiple touch-points of insights, buying patterns, and comprehensive user behavior analytics.

Ladder up, add more

Use proximity-based marketing, collect data with custom forms, add CRM, run web app on own domain, and manage multi-spa or chains in single app
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Build your brand. Grow unstoppable with Zappter