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New: App-Banner


Use Smart App Banners to promote your app among your web app users to download your app.

New: Customize Bottom Bar


Gain more control over how app users log in, and what’s available in the footer of the app for them. Enable or disable multiple modules in your bottom bar. Easily customize colors and text in the login & registration area.

New: Video


Pick a video from the gallery or simply past the video link from your favorite video sharing sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo and embedd it in your app.

New: Opening Hours


Easily add your opening hours in a beautiful aligned table into your app.

New: Link


Add URL links with titles and descriptions.

New: Title


Allows adding a left-aligned title in bold & slightly larger font. Ideal for focusing headings.

New: Picture


Inspire your users with pictures from the gallery, upload new ones or pick one from Unsplash.

New: Text


Allows adding a title with a description immediately below.

New: Categories


Make a user-friendly catalog out of your app by listing related items into categories. Then you can also add sub-categories inside a category. And, you can add sub-categories inside a sub-category too. Go on endlessly till satisfied.

New: iOS & Android App


Publishing your app on Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store now using this single plugin, and no longer an uphill battle. The plugin lists 14 categorized information areas that each collects Apple-specific, Google-specific, or common data to target a perfect submission for a hassle-free approval by the major app stores.

New: Recommendations


Use Recommendations to cross-sell products & services. Concurrently, show customers that you anticipate their needs. Show customers the other Articles or even an entire Category that might be of interest.

New: Zappter Core Functions


Bundle of platform-essential functions. Prepares your app to work with existing and future Zappter based functions, plugins & rollouts.

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