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New: Shortcuts


Smart Shortcuts allows you to reuse elements everywhere. Create them once and use it anywhere with or without changes to the original specs.

New: Value added taxes


Manage taxes. Add tax to Articles, or to containers, such as Categories or Offers that hold selling items. Taxes can be customized to suite your regulations.

New: Inventory Plugin


The plugin allows monitoring your stocks, manage articles, suppliers, and warehouses on the go. You can also link inventory to your Articles and avoid stockout situations.

New: Modifiers


Allow your customers to add variations to products and services that you sell. Give customers options that they can add to the base products to customize their orders & bookings as they prefer.

New: Ingredient System


Ingredients are ideal for restaurants or shops. Set ingredients for your items and allow your users to choose accordingly.

New: Gallery


Use Gallery to show multiple images like a picture collage, and set its column grid to one, two, or three to suit your theme.

New: Youtube Playlist


Add a YouTube Playlist into your app.

New: Youtube Channel


Integrate your YouTube Channel into your app.

New: Text in Picture


Text on an image can gain better user attention. The plugin simplifies placing a center-aligned heading on a picture with a brief description below it, stylishly.

New: Google Maps


Add an interactive Google Maps widget to your content.

New: Web-App / Domain


Set your own domain for your web-app. For example: In addition you get a free SSL so that your web app is completely encrypted (https).

New: Places


With this plugin, you can generate QR Codes and place them anywhere. Your app users can scan this QR Code, place an order and you know exactly where they are. A great feature that you can use in many situations, for example in a restaraunt on the table, on a pool seat in your hotel and many more.

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