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New: iOS & Android App

Publishing your app on Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store now using this single plugin, and no longer an uphill battle. The plugin lists 14 categorized information areas that each collects Apple-specific, Google-specific, or common data to target a perfect submission for a hassle-free approval by the major app stores.

Apple App Store & Google Play

Publishing your app on App Store and Google Play has never been easier with the a Step-by-Step guided process. 
Zappter App Builder makes it lively with an organized process that is up to date with the store guidelines. 
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All in one, no extra work, no extra cost

No need to create Apple and Google Developer Account, no need to pay the annual fee to Apple and Google. No need to manage your app releases separately. 
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Multilingual by design

If your app is reaching international markets, you can customize the app release in each language, including title, description, screenshot. 

Prepare submission flawlessly

Fourteen categorized screens to collect an accurate set of data for preparing your error-free submission for approvals on both Apple & Google app stores. Built-in App Icon Generator. Built-in App Photo Taker. Built-in Splashscreen Creator. Built-in App Submission by Zappter.
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Standout with store listing

Enhance the look of your store listing with the integrated set of tools to create screenshots, splash screens, feature graphics & YouTube videos for app stores. In some clicks you’ll be ready to publish your app for mobile phones and tablets. 

Content Rating

Provide your users with a welcome layer of transparency through content rating. This plugin replace complicated app store guidelines & questionnaires and simplifies your rating tasks with friendly screens to follow. 
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Publish once. Edit anytime.

Change content and design of your app without the need of resubmitting your app.
Just press on "Put online" and your changes are in real-time synchronized to any device.
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Appear in the App Stores

Start now and make your brand visible in the app stores with Zappter. Acquire more customers and stay connected with native app functions such as push-notifications and more.